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A WIDE VARIETY OF QUALITY MEDIA //Our selection of standard paper and media

60gsm NCR paper CB / CF / CFB
80gsm Gloss Coated
80gsm Offset Respositionable
80gsm Self Adhesive Offset
80gsm Offset
90gsm Offset
90gsm Offset Laser
90gsm Kraft
100gsm Premium Smooth
115gsm Gloss Coated
120gsm Premium Smooth
120gsm Fire Retardent
120gsm REH
135gsm Gloss Coated
150gsm Coated + 1800µ Carton Board
170gsm Matt Coated
170gsm Gloss Coated
180gsm (75μ) Plastic
180gsm Encapsulated
230gsm Curious Translucent
250gsm Self Adhesive
250gsm Gloss Coated
250gsm Chromolux Gold
250gsm Chromolux Silver
250gsm Chromolux Chrome
250gsm Rives Tradition Bright White
280gsm Self Adhesive
300gsm Gloss Coated
300gsm Rives Laid Glacier White
350gsm Silk Coated
400gsm Silk Coated
500μ PVC
1800μ Polypropylene Canvas
3,5mm Akylux®
3mm Dibond®
Acrylic Glass Plate
Aluminium Plate
210gsm M1 Fabric recyclable
235gsm White Vinyl
235gsm Transparent Vinyl
270gsm Polyester Fabric M1

the Range of recycled papers // Our selection of environmentally friendly papers

80gsm Cyclus Offset
90gsm Premium Recycled
90gsm Offset Recycled EraPure
115gsm Cyclus Print
130gsm Cyclus Print
140gsm Cyclus Offset
250gsm Silk Recycled
250gsm Rives Design Bright White
Recycled 320gsm Conqueror CX22 Diamond White
Recycled 350gsm Cyclus Print