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54 x 85mm
(from 16 to 46cm²)
82 x 128mm
(from 47 to 105cm²)
(from 106 to 158 cm²)
(from 159 to 210cm²)
4 colour both sides 4 colour front

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Information about the lead times

The time stated in the catalogue is calculated for all orders received before 18:00 (excluding transport, weekends and bank holidays) and if applicable subject to receipt of the printsample proof.

In certain circumstances; we may be required to deliver ahead of the time stated in our catalogue.

Eg: A specified order D+3 received on Monday before 18:00 will be shipped the following Thursday and delivered on Friday before 13:00. A specified order D+2 received before 18:00 Thursday will be shipped the following Monday and delivered on Tuesday before 13:00.

Particular case of NationalRush: Orders received before 09:00 will be delivered before 18:00 the following day. If the order is received after 09:00, it will leave the next day for delivery the next day (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Please consult our general terms & conditions to know our time commitments.


Orders shipped by TNT, the shipping time is 24 hours, your order will be delivered before 13:00 the following day.

Some products are manufactured in our factory located in the European Union. This is indicated in the order manifest. In this case,the shipping time can be extended by additional 24 - 48 hours, and the delivery time made before 18:00 (instead of 13:00).

Information on the deadlines

The expected shipping date is set provisionally for all orders received before 18:00 (time in business days) subject to approval by our technical department. This date does not take into account the time validation of the sample print proof.
The shipping date is confirmed by email after accepting the product files. The delivery date is estimated (excluding weekends and bank holidays) taking into account a standard delivery time of the ordered product (see Transport below).

In certain circumstances; we may be required to deliver ahead of the time stated in our catalogue.

Particular case of NationalRush: Orders received before 09:00 (business day) will be delivered the next business day before 18:00. If the order is received after 09:00, delivery will take place an additional day after (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Please consult our Terms & Conditions for a fuller guide on our time commitments

  • Orders shipped by TNT will be delivered before 13:00 on the next business day.
  • Some orders shipped by the courier (eg, weight> 230 kg), the delivery time could be could be between 1-3 business days, depending on the destination.
  • Some products are manufactured in our factory located within the European Union. This will be made clear when making the order. Your order is supported by an international courier and the transport time is would be lengthened by anything from 24 - 48 hours (compared to the time above). In addition, the delivery would arrive before 18:00 (instead of 13:00).

Information on the estimated weight

The information on the order's estimated weight is indicative. It does not take into account the weight of the containers (pallet for example).

Information on the proof

For all orders made before 16:00, you will receive a proof via carrier on the next working day before 13:00. Please note, the catalogue lead time starts once you have confirmed the proof online.

This proof is output on a calibrated inkjet device, using a silk coated material and is intended to give a representation of the colour and content of your job on a coated material. The proof does not reproduce the exact conditions under which your product will be produced and therefore can’t make allowances for the variations that will occur during the printing and special finishing processes (Lamination, UV Varnishing etc).

Sample Proof print: The sample proof print is made on the same printing machine as your final product order with all finishes and . For all orders received before 09:00, you will receive the proof the next business day.